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3 Beds/ 1 Baths
317 E Sample St
Ebensburg, PA 15931

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Average Rate*
30-Year FHA Rate 6.86%
30-Year Fixed Rate 6.94%
20-Year Fixed Rate 6.74%
15-Year Fixed Rate 6.38%
* Conforming FNMA Loan Amount. Rates may include points.

Information updated: 6/20/2024

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Tell us about your plans and dreams to open new doors in YOUR world, and we will gladly assist in helping you buy or sell your home!

Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking for the perfect family home, or interested in selling your home, we can assist you in meeting your real estate needs. This means helping you understand each step of the buying or selling process and working with you until you close on your property. Our promise to you is a sincere interest and a caring commitment to your goals. We are just as excited as you are when you find your perfect home or when we sell your property for you!

World Keys Realty is also licensed to do business in the state of Florida. If you are looking for a home, second home, or vacation home in the Central Florida or Gulf Coast area, we can assist you there as well.

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A Message from the Broker:

The mission of World Keys Realty is to help buyers and sellers 'open doors to a whole new world' in real estate.  Your world is whatever you say it is.   Whether it is buying a home, selling your lifelong estate, or buying an investment property, our commitment is to guide you through the  process into closing.  We are a no-pressure agency. We care and have a sincere interest in helping our clients achieve their goals, no matter how small or large they may be.

In addition, our mission to help others extends to children and their families, and arises from my own family's  memorable and magical vacations in Central Florida.  Our philanthropic efforts include volunteer work and charitable contributions to the Give Kids the World Village in Orlando, Florida.

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